Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*Tight Wad Tuesday*

Pete, Kim and I have been going to this cute little pub called "the Bullpen" to watch the Eagles' games each Sunday. Well, this past Sunday we noticed they have wings specials on Tuesday. They call it "Tight Wad Tuesday" because you get 6 wings for $2!! There is also free ping pong all night. oh, we were in.

Before I was able to meet up with them, I biked up to my church for another class (a blog coming up regarding those). It was great, but it didn't get out until after 9, and this would be my first time riding in the city in the dark... but I did it! The Lord was so gracious and made about 11 lights in a row turn green one right after the other so I didn't have to keep starting up and stopping. I arrived at the Bullpen in record time.

Ok, seriously, those wings were amazing. I had the original buffalo, and had to order another 6 later on in the night. There was still room for a 3rd 6, but I restrained myself. (a side benefit to biking-- you are always famished). In between sets of wings, Kim challenged me to some rounds of ping-pong. I can hold my own at table tennis, but I am no "back spinning, ball slamming" kind of player. My best trick is my serve (taught to me by my dad when I was a kid). Kim and I were pretty evenly matched, which made for some awesome, long winded volleys, but alas, I could never finish. She smoked me four games in a row. It was rather humiliating. Fortunately, it was around this time that my second round of wings came out, so I simply immersed my sorrows in food, as any red blooded depressed American woman does.

Our bill came out a bit later, and my grand total (with generous 50% tip included) was a whole $6. Raise the roof with those sauce covered fingers for Tight Wad Tuesdays!!

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