Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Popcorn Portland

No, this isn't going to be about Orville Redenbacher.  BUUUUTTTT it is going to be about random new facts that I have learned about this city... given to you in "popcorn" style.  (basically just short little blips)

1.  It rained here yesterday.  (ooh la la you say), but I mean, it rained here!  I was told that from October to June I was to expect cloudy skies and drizzly, spitting rain, but never, never, expect an actual rainstorm.  We just don't have them here.   Well, ha Portlanders!  Because yesterday it poured and poured and danced the river on the rooftops and i laughed and threw open the curtains.  IT DOES POUR HERE!  yay!!
(then I found out the rain was on this morning's news.  apparently it was the 5th largest downpour they've had in their state's history.).  dang it, it doesn't pour here.

2.  They love all things literature.  (woop woop).  So that means there are at least 3 different literature festivals to choose from this month alone.  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yahhhhhhhhhh.

3.  because there is a love for literature, they have these really witty little shops titles. (hey "really witty little" is a great new tongue twister-- try it).  Anyhow, my favorite shop title so far:  Noun.  A person's places for things.   (true tag line)

4.  There are more homeless people here than you can imagine.  Except they are normally in their 20's, good looking, and "trendy".  Let's just say that if they have their hiker's backpack on downtown, they have no place to go but back to the mountains...  Perhaps I'll run into my poetic soul mate here... those of you who knew the picture of the "homeless" man I used to keep by my school desk for the past few years. oohl.  here's what our homeless are like (thanks to an article a friend found for me.):

5.  You could be walking around any part of the city (and trust me, I was...), and come across these random, completely unique spots.  Such as a black marble tub with life like animals carved as if they're drinking from the water in it.... or this gorgeous mythological statue soaring over the front facade of a random building... or tents that have sprung up all over an empty lot to sell random arts and crafts... or the world's smallest park.

6.  Portland is the "food cart capital of the world" as well.  This means, you can buy almost any kind of meal you could think of... including a burger with grilled cheese as the top and bottom buns (called a "Cheesus")... or a pita stuffed with french fries only... or multiple other ethnic or just crazy food items at these carts parked on the sides of a street or in a park around a fountain.  (Think hot dog stands on the corner of NYC streets, or downtown falafel carts by UPenn).  Anyhow, there are blocks filled with these things... and although I haven't eaten at one yet, they say it's seriously some of the best (and cheapest) food in town.

stay tuned for more Popcorn Portland....


  1. Have you had a Beer Braut Burrito? So delectable!

    *read the homeless man article too. (poor bathing bum!)