Friday, September 10, 2010

*Ahhh... Portland...*

Ok, so I decided to start another series in my blog besides "Popcorn Portland".  This one will be called "ahhhh... Portland..."  and it will reveal to you, through completely real anecdotes, the quintessential disposition of the city.
Commence episode 1:

I was standing by the Max Line (Portland's easy access train), when I heard this woman warmly exclaim to the man standing next to her: "What did you do??  You've lost sooo much weight!"  She laughs.  "Whoa!  You look great!".  The broad shouldered man looks sheepishly around him as she continues to draw attention to his apparently slimmed down figure.  "Have you called her yet?" the woman continued.  "Hahaha-- She's not gonna believe this!!  You've lost so much weight!" She shakes her head in disbelief.  "Look at you!" she laughs good naturedly, and then she claps him on the shoulder and walks away.

The man half grins at those of us who have turned towards the conversation.  A minute or so passes.  As we start to get back to our own worlds, I hear this burly man lean towards the guy next to him and say: "I've never met that woman in my life."   He then chuckles nervously.

The man, obviously a native Portlander, shrugs his shoulders and replies: "Well, at least you'll have a great  story to tell."

Ahhhh.... Portland....

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