Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*Poor, Poor Willows*

Thought for the day:

who has it out for willows? I was looking out my window and noticed that the tree growing by my balcony was developing buds. Hey, I thought to myself, those look like pussy willows.

Then I got to thinking: PUSSY willows? What kind of cruel name is that? What, just because they're small, that automatically defines them to be wimpy?

Then my thought meandered further: WEEPING willows? Oh man, why are we looking at these gorgeous cascades of delicate boughs and thinking tears??

What does this say about our perspective on life?
What if we changed the way we viewed things?

Instead of seeing small and thinking weak, why couldn't we assume that pussy willows are growing in accessible abundance to soften the edges of thorns, who although are relative in size do not bloom soft like a whispered kiss to tickle our senses?

And perhaps instead of seeing the larger willows and believing they are bent over in grief, why don't we start seeing that they may actually be humbly bent over in an attempt to embrace us who appear smaller and more vulnerable than they?

so, What would change for you today if you reassessed the willow that is framed in the window of your apartment?

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  1. Tree hugger!
    Wow! do they prescribe prozac there?