Saturday, January 1, 2011

* Ahhh... Portland...*

Two new blurbs about this city to show off its atypical spirit:

1. I lugged my two suitcases onto the bus last night, complete with two large carry-on bags and a purse. Oh, the joy of traveling for a month between the blustery north to the tropics and back again celebrating both a wedding and a major holiday. Anyhow, a woman my age asks me where I was coming from. I explained my travels, and she smiles at me and says, "Well, welcome home; I hope you have a wonderful New Year's." It was like having chicken broth on a cold day.

Ahhh, Portland.

2. Overheard in a local grocery store on New Year's Day:
A five year old boy, chasing his mom down the aisle: "Ooh! are we getting lentil soup?!!" And as I was pondering this imponderable question (which was asked with JOY), he continued to squeal as he passed me in his glee..."Or how about meatloaf?!!"

Ahhh, Portland.

The happiest of new years to you all.