Friday, November 5, 2010

*This ain't Killadelphia*

My job as the supervisor of tutors in Portland Public Schools actually moved from the conference room to the classroom this week. And I was shocked.

Shocked because I walked into 4 downtown public schools without anyone asking me who I was. Shocked because I was able to go down any hallway, into any room I wanted, and I never saw a cop, security guard, or even a hall monitor.

Shocked because there were no metal detectors, grafitti, or waivers to sign the second I sauntered in. In fact, in two of the schools, I had to search for the main office. I had to ask several different receptionists if I needed a visitor's badge. I was told No at one of the schools.

It is a whole new world out here. One that, frankly, scares me.

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  1. Wow?! Is it seriously safer out there or have they just not had any issues yet? I can't imagine!