Saturday, November 6, 2010

*Packaged Praise*

Unbelievable, but I got a 2nd package today!! This was completely unexpected, and I couldn't imagine what it was.

I picked up the heavy Postal box and slowly opened it. Inside was a ton of Halloween candy. But who was it from?
The postmark read Pampa, Texas, and I discovered it was sent from a group of 4 and 5 year olds. (well, their teacher-- an old college friend-- actually sent it).

Yet better than the surprise of the package, or the abundance of the candy, were these pieces of news. Apparently this class has spent the past 2 months praying for my move and my job in Portland. These little kids have been tracking the goodness of God through my journey here, and have been rejoicing with me when their prayers were answered. It has stirred up their own hearts to pray more. I was told...

"Katlyn had us pray for her dad's leg pain & her own bad cough. Well today she barely coughed at all and joyously announced, "God loves me like He loves Miss Leah... He helped my cough stop!"

"Tayler reported back to her mom that we prayed for one of my friends and God did better than we asked Him for."

"Wyatt has tried to explain to one of my new students that we don't just pray for food, but we pray for our friends too."

So why the candy? Well, they were learning "reverse trick or treating" which was to go around blessing others by giving to them, instead of asking from them...
and you know what they wrote in their letter? It was this: "When Katlyn suggesting sending some [candy] to you, everyone wanted to give extra since God chose to give you extra!" (how utterly true is THIS statement?!)

Guys-- Isn't this incredible??!!! Little kids spending their time in Texas to bless some adult they never met up in Oregon...Little kids believing God can do anything... Little kids longing to be part of His bigger story... Little kids reminding me again that my God is real and good and listening.

This passage brought more than sugar. It brought the sweetness of truth to me.
You never know who's waiting with you, asking for you, or looking for God's hand to move on you... but know this: you can be sure someone is.

Even if, like me, you find that idea completely unbelievable.


  1. Seeing it all together...nearly teared up.
    I'm sure they'll love your personalized responses too!

  2. Being presumptious that the candy has lasted this long...any christmas list requests?

    I've collected responses from the kids to your letters; I just need to print them and get to the post office.