Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*Just a glimpse*

Now that I figured out how to add videos straight to my post, I can tell you this story that happened the first week I moved here.

I heard about a free concert the Portland Orchestra was holding in the waterfront park, so I decided to go to it, just me and my blanket.
The place was packed. Tents were selling delicious foods, cyclists went weaving through crowds, & elderly couples slowly picked their way through the organic aisles of seated humans. The famous bridges of the Willamette preened themselves in front of so many spectators. Everywhere there was an air of festivity and community. I picked a spot, spread my blanket, and made friends with my nearby neighbors-- (the couple behind me actually offered to share their fries and pizza with me! how nice are these people here??!!)-- finally, I settled in to listen to the performance.
As the music began, I heard the little 4 year old boy next to me inhale sharply. When I looked over, he had turned his head back towards his family and whispered, "Mommy, is this magic?"

Thank you for giving me the words, young one, because yes, that's exactly what this is.

(Wagner sophomores everywhere should recognize this song...)

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