Monday, May 30, 2011

Return of the Blogger

I know, I know... I have been a blog slacker. A blagker, if you will. well, I'm back. (but please, keep your fingers crossed while knocking on wood)...
so, i have nothing newsworthy to write about today, other than the travel fiasco I endured at the hands of Chicago weather yesterday which caused me to miss my flight home, and thus have to fork over $115 buckeroos for a hotel room. Oh, and other than the fact I have spent the last 12 hours (literally) on my computer doing work that is to be handed to my boss tomorrow. no more news than that.
(okay, okay, you can count that I had an amazing time in both Miami celebrating my littlest sister's high school graduation, and in Philadelphia celebrating my amazing friends Nic and Brianna's wedding. )
but really, that's all the news i've got for now. And since both my brain and my body are really useless right now, I will no longer ramble here, but will instead post an old piece i wrote but never put up. savvy?

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