Thursday, December 16, 2010

*Terminally Terminal*

What I love about Air Travel:
  • the excitement of knowing I'm about to head off into new adventures
  • racing to see how quickly I can get everything into those little gray bins before the guy who is ahead of me
  • looking at the different socks/or feet of people when they have to take their shoes off
  • guessing which person is going to be picked out for a special pat down
  • the general camaraderie of those who are flying to the same destination as you
  • seeing the varied dynamics of people's relationships with those they are traveling with
  • learning that the word "traveling" only has 1 "l" and not 2 (I saw this on a sign when I was walking to my gate)
  • the rush of takeoff
What I hate about Air Travel:
  • Having to always keep my carry-ons with me while waiting to board. Sometimes I just want to go into a bathroom stall without a suitcase, purse and bag.
  • the slight paranoia I feel that the bobby pins in my pocket or the earrings I'm wearing, or the spare change I forgot to take out may set off alarms that signify I could be a terrorist
  • food in airports is always double the price of the already inflated prices of restaurants. You seriously want me to spend $7.95 for only a 6 inch sandwich??
  • bringing a soda from home is the same as strapping a bomb to your shoe
  • knowing my gate will be the furthest one from the place I am currently standing
  • hearing the horn of those little golf carts speeding by you, knowing you'll never be important enough or old enough to catch a ride in one
  • after you have waited in the security line for 43 minutes, you're finally about to go through when a flock of pilots cuts ahead of you, followed by three women in wheelchairs and two mothers with babies in strollers. ugh
  • did you arrive at the airport 2 hours before you flight leaves? great. then you are guaranteed to be through check in and security within 10 minutes, so you will end up having an eternity to wait with nothing to do. did you arrive at the airport with just a full hour to spare? too bad!!! the check in line is having major issues, and all the gates are now being funneled through one security line. Hope you enjoy flying standby

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  1. *love the varied dynamics!
    *feel your pain regarding my gate being ever so far away!

    Pleasantly surprized by Tom Hanks' The Terminal